The written word still works - you just need enough of them



  • A Tweet is 280 characters long,

  • The average length of a Facebook post is 20-40 words.

  • At a networking meeting your 40 seconds will contain around 130 words.


To explain your purpose and passion takes time. I can help you with blogs, articles, press releases, emails and web content. Anything that means your customer understands you and your product or service well enough to say yes.


I write in the business world for industries as varied as;


Construction, Property, Mortgage & Financial Advice, I.T,

Engineering, Professional Services, Coaches & Consultants


I work directly for clients and through website developers, marketing consultancies and lead generation companies. I recognise the need to write in the customer's voice and style, and am experienced in understanding and working with those needs.


For myself I write on music, some of it at the places below. I also allow myself the occasional rant on Linkedin. Click on the logos below to read some of my work.

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