Linkedin is not social media

Linkedin is business networking


If you're on Linkedin then you need to be active to make it count. You wouldn't sit in silence in a real world networking meeting, so why are you silent on Linkedin?


I often get connection requests that arrive without a message. If I accept them then the next thing that usually lands is a sales pitch.


I belong to 4 Networking and the mantra there as with most other networking groups is;




This works just as well on Linkedin...


I offer a  free 30 minute review of your Linkedin profile, along with a few tips to get you going. On the right hand side of the page are a couple of my testimonials. You can of course see more on Linkedin, the Testimonials and About pages here and my 4N profile page.


Here's a tip to start you off...


Get Google Alerts set up for a few key points that are relevant to your business. Then you will have a constant stream of news that you can use as a jumping off point for your own posts 


I had a complimentary 30 minutes session with Tim Martin on how to spruce up my LinkedIn profile. Well I thought it was ok but after 30 minutes I knew that Tim's ability with the English language was way better than mine. And my profile looks so much better now as a result of his efforts. A big thank you to Tim and if you get the chance take him up on his generous offer. Well worth it - B.T.


Tim happened to mention in a 40 Seconds that he could help and advise how not be to "stood silently in the corner" on the business networking platform LinkedIn. He offers a free 30 minutes and gave me a free 45-50 minutes, imparting sage tips and pointers on how to get better at it. Thanks Tim. - J.B.


Tim Martin helped me a few years ago [with Linkedin] I would happily recommend Tim. - P.B.

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